Yoma Castle is available from the beginning of the game onward. unlike other dungeons, new levels are unlocked by reaching the next chapter. Many of the items found in this dungeon are primary ingredients for weapon synthesis for the non-crossover characters, so you'll likely find yourself spending a fair bit of time running the various floors.


L1: Courage

L2: Ghastly Path

L3: Baptism Path

L4: Monster Rm

L5: Castle Rear

L6: Death Gate

L7: Deception

L8: Central Gate

L9: Summit Room

L10: Castle Gate

L11: Nether Hall

L12: King's Path

L13: DDK Castle

Suzaku's Path: I

Suzaku's Path: II

Suzaku's Path: III

Suzaku's Path: IV

Castle Gate - Morning, Noon, Evening, Night

Castle Center - Morning, Noon, Evening, Night

Castle Depths - Morning, Noon, Evening, Night

Secret Exit Path

Secret Path

Castle Treasury

King's Chamber

King's Secret*

Gate: Treasury

Gate: Galaxy Way

Gate: Archive

Gate: Pirate Man

Gate: Spo-o-o-ky

Gate: Youth

Gate: Speed Fool

Gate: Ex-Demon

Gate: Almighty

Gate: TriUni!!

  • Dungeon marked with a * is from the Trinity Universe Phantom Dungeon Rumors Pack (Add-On Content).
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