The Platinum Prinny

Obtain all other Trophies.


Everybody's Hero

Defeat more than 100 monsters.

Planetary Hero

Defeat more than 300 monsters.

Galaxy Hero

Defeat more than 800 monsters.

Seeker of Victory

Win in battle 30 times.

Seeker of More Victory

Win in battle 100 times.

Seeker of Annihilation

Win in battle 300 times.

Power of the Earth

Total Damage in a Fury Chain exceeds 10,000.

Power of the Sun

Total Damage in a Fury Chain exceeds 50,000.

Power of the Cosmos

Total Damage in a Fury Chain exceeds 100,000.

Be the Space Debris

Hit Count in a Fury Chain exceeds 300.

Be the Comet

Hit Count in a Fury Chain exceeds 500.

Be the Shooting Star

Hit Count in a Fury Chain exceeds 700.

Art Appreciation

Obtain 10 Managraphic Images.

Treasure Hunter

Discover 30 concealed treasures.

The Space Cleaner

Drift 10 dungeons out of orbit.

The Bourgeois

Spend 100,000G at the Shop.

Managraphic Addict

Spend 1,000,000G at the Managraphic Workshop.

Galaxy Miser

Hold over 1,000,000G.

Meteorite Star

Create 100 Meteorites.

Material Star

Synthesize 100 Items.

Monster Star

Create 100 Monsters.

Space Tourists

Let yourself drift out of orbit 50 times.


Game Maniac

Get over 1,000,000 Evaluation Points.


Spend 1,000,000G at the Shop.

Closet Otaku

Obtain 30 Managraphic Images.

Museum Curator

Discover 60 concealed treasures.

Be the Meteor Shower

Hit Count in a Fury Chain exceeds 1,000.

Power of Creation

Total Damage in a Fury Chain exceeds 300,000.

Seek Obliteration

Win in battle 500 times.

The Space Scrubber

Drift 50 dungeons out of orbit.

Deep Space Hero

Defeat more than 1,300 monsters.


Hero of the Universe

Defeat more than 2,000 monsters.

What is truth, dood?

Complete the true ending route.

Space Activists

Drift 100 dungeons out of orbit.

The Debtor

Spend 3,000,000G at the Shop.

The Strongest Harem

Every character's Level is 100 or higher.


  • Be the Meteor Shower can be easily accomplished if you have an underleveled Prinny. Find a group of 3 monsters much higher in level than your Prinny, use R1 to build your IM Gague to 6 orbs, then have Prinny fire off 3 EX attacks.
  • All of the trophies related to Gala can be easily obtained through the Convert Shop exploit.
  • The Closet Otaku trophy requires you to FIND and not BUY the 30 actual IM Recipes. Don't buy IM Recipes from shops until after you have obtained this one.
  • Meteorite Star and Material Star actually count the number of times you've created items, not the number of items created, make them one at a time for the trophy.