"We're selling sweet, sweet mana. All kinds of useful, convenient mana, mana, mana! Autumn Mana, UFO Mana, Sakura Mana, Netherworld Mana, Alchemy Mana, Qilin Mana, Sea Mana... *We sometimes import a lot of mana. Please check us out on a regular basis."

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Name Price Sold on Discount Price Stock No.
Ordinary Kotodama 300 G
Safety Code 1,500 G


Name Price Sold on Discount Price Stock No.
Grass 300 G
Cure Grass 1,000 G
Cure Herb 5,000 G
Healing Plant 150 G
Refresh Herb 800 G
Ordinary Mana 300 G Saturday
Mana of Autumn 300 G 50
UFO Mana 300 G 50
Sakura Mana 300 G 50
Netherworld Mana 300 G 50
Alchemy Mana 300 G 50
Qilin Mana 300 G 50
Ocean Mana 300 G 50
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