Parent Dungeon: Stardust Station

Monster Level: 81


Vending Machine: None

Hidden Treasure: Darkness Bun

Boss: Unico Dolphine

Story Boss:

Lurker: Death Grips (L4)

Hunting Point Items: Void, Resurrection

Gravity Core Items: Crystal Code, Alpha Code


Cockatrice, Sand Worm, Army Bee, Ubelluris, Commander Orc, Electric Boy, Arch Lindworm, Pandourar, Vile Dragon, Berserker Bunny

Floor Treasures

Night Sky Shard, Heavenly Shard, Morning Dewdrop, Holy Dark Seal, Holy Crystal, TV Set Mana, Imperial Gem, Holy Light Stone, Wood of Life, Glowing Stone, Valkyrie Herb, Cockatrice Wing, Morning Star, Platinum Bar

Treasure Chests

Plump Body, Strange Feather, Monster Synth 18, Cockatrice Wing, Divine Vase, Granite Tooth

Rare Items (Drift Only)

Imperial Gem, Sunrise, Life Vessel

-Orange and Blue Vorpals can be found in the Hunting Spot

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