The corridors of a spaceship traveling the universe. Basic materials are here.

Parent Dungeon: Galaxy Ship

Monster Level: 22

Managraphic: None

Vending Machine: Yes

Hidden Treasure: Left Gold Glove

Boss: A.B.S. γ

Story Boss:

Lurker: Ship Guardian (L1)

Hunting Point Items: Pilfer; snatch

Gravity Core Items: Life Stone, Demons' Kotodama, Great Code


Fighting Bones, Giant Crawfish, Gremlin, Gunner, Seasoned Orc, Shadow Fenrir

Floor Treasures

Alchemy Mana, Eagle Wing, Energy Pack, Heatproof Sheet, Mythril Ore, Regien Ore, Super OS, Turtle Shell, 3D Board, Light Cloth, Unknown Herb, White Stone Cube

Treasure Chests

Burning Red, Light Cloth, Platinum Ore

Rare Items (Drift Only)

Burning Red, Heat Seeker, Booster Unit

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