Available During: Chapter 11 (Kanata's Route)


A pretty crummy ship floating around. The grudges of cursed souls can be felt pretty clearly...

Parent Dungeon: Void Ghostship

Monster Level: 71

Managraphic: Water Dragon

Vending Machine: None

Hidden Treasure: Deceased Whisper

Boss: None

Story Boss:

Lurker: None

Hunting Point Items: Oceanic

Gravity Core Items:


Electrical Tail, Hammer Crab, Magitek Soldier, Palm Lobster, Serpent

Floor Treasures

Beast Fluid, Comet Lantern, Dark Crystal, Ghost Doll, Holy Dark Seal, Laughing Doll, Platinum Bar, Rainbow Drop, Scale of Seiryu, Scapegoat Gem, Sleepy Flower, Spirit Crystal

Treasure Chests

Blessing Nut, Comet Lantern, Cure Grass, Cure Herb, Dark Crystal, Giant Tentacles, Life Piece, Relief Herb, Thousand Soul

Rare Items (Drift Only)

Escape Reward: Grass x5, Cure Grass x1, Healing Plant x3, 2000G

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