The entrance to somebody's school. A higher number of materials are drifting now

Parent Dungeon: Blackhole High

Monster Level: 14

Managraphic: None

Vending Machine: None

Hidden Treasure: My Song Jukebox

Boss: Plant Specimen

Story Boss:

Lurker: Tough Teacher (L1)

Hunting Point Items: Dent

Gravity Core Items:


Lindworm, Mandrake, Killer Bee, Fenrir, Automatic Cannon, Alraune

Floor Treasures

Fate Calender, Huge Protractor, Platinum Ore, Mystery Text, Golem Mana, Kettle Unirice, Bizarre Panacea

Treasure Chests

Kettle Unirice, Mystery Text, Almighty Key

Rare Items (Drift Only)

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