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Joins at: Chapter 11 Kanata's Route, Chapter 1 Rizelea's Route

Personal Info

Move AP Cost

Tri Uni Cross.png 8 AP

Tri Uni Square.png 10 AP

Tri Uni Triangle.png 12 AP

EX Skill

Vanishing Nova

82 Hits, Light 80%

Rizelea's super attack where she unleashes a torrent of divine energy. Most enemies will turn to dust.

Special Attacks


Tri Uni Triangle.png, Tri Uni Triangle.png, Tri Uni Cross.png, Tri Uni Cross.png

11 Hits

Rizeliea's unique move. She gathers her spriit and turn it into a physical power. She's trying harder than usual.


Tri Uni Square.png, Tri Uni Square.png, Tri Uni Square.png, Tri Uni Triangle.png, Tri Uni Triangle.png

12 Hits

Rizeliea's unique move. Consecutive slashes dealt to the enemy. The foe cannot escape their prompt demise.


Tri Uni Triangle.png, Tri Uni Cross.png, Tri Uni Cross.png, Tri Uni Cross.png, Tri Uni Square.png, Tri Uni Square.png

20 Hits

Rizeliea's unique move. A rush of incredibly powerful attacks, the enemy won't even know it just died.

Special Abilities

Valkyrie Prayer

As your HP reduces, your AP recovery increases.


ATK and LUK will always increase.

Divine Release

When your HP is at maximum, your INT and RES will increase.

Murderous Chef

In the afternoon, all elemental attacks will be strengthened.

Some Recommanded Combinations
No. Key Presses Total Hits Total AP Required Description
1 Square, Square, Square, Triangle, Triangle (Combo Add-on), Cross, Cross(Combo Add-on), Cross(Combo Add-on) 54 Hits

9+9+9+12+9+9 = 57+

Chaining from Valkybop to Sinfiotil, also adds a T-2 Weapon Skill.

- - - -
- - - -

1. Combining Rizelea's special attacks, you should be able to see a straight link between them. This combination combines the second one with the first. However due to the similarity of the combined keys, it also forms up a T-2 Weapon Attack. Nevertheless one of the better ways to rack up combos for your Image Gauge, or to Soulbreak enemies. The damage output is pretty decent too. On the other hand, if you find yourself having extra AP after this combination, feel free to spam Crosses for the rest to activate the Mighty Rush combos, you would only need 2 more Crosses for MB-2, which is pretty much affordable.

You can also add Square x2 to the end of Combo 1 to trigger her SP-3 attack. Depending on how much AP you have left, you may prefer this to chaining into MB-2 and MB-3.

Side Notes :

- Keys with "Combo Add-on" behind, states that it is a free key input. It doesn't cost any AP to execute that move.

- T-2 Weapon Skills, are always the same for all characters. Square X2, Triangle X2, Cross X2. It is also possible to execute it in a different order, as long it is follows the pattern of two inputs per each key.