Adding Recit to your Party

Beware: Necessary events begin on chapter 3. Proceeding to chapter 4 before the necesary steps are taken means you will not acquire Recit until the next playthrough. Creating a separate save file at the start of chapter 4 is recommended for safety.

After triggering an event from Macaroon during Chapter 3, the shopkeeper. Head to Yoma King Castle, L3: Baptism Path, any time of day works. In the dungeon, go past the boss guarding a hidden treasure (Yellow Line) and a scene will open up. Defeat Recit in the battle and he will run away. In Chapter 4, a series of events will relate towards Recit, about how he has been destroying Cash Registers. In the final event, you will fight with him again. Defeat him in the battle and he will join your party officially.

Recruit event: Visit Shop during Chapter 3 --> Defeat Recit at L3: Baptism Path --> Peculiar Incident --> Register Vendetta --> Keep the Receipt. --> Treasure Hunter

Joins at: Chapter 4+ Kanata's Route, Chapter 4+ Rizelea's Route

Personal Info

Move AP Cost

EX Skill

Comet Arrow

52 Hits

My last resort! I'll toss comets at the enemy. This thing's made from a meteor and can store the universe's power. Smart, huh?

Special Attacks

Terrain Carnage

Tri Uni Cross, Tri Uni Square, Tri Uni Cross, Tri Uni Cross

5 Hits

Recit's unique move. I just don't wanna use it too often. Don't wanna risk breakin' my treasures.

Demon's Fang

Tri Uni Cross, Tri Uni Cross, Tri Uni Cross, Tri Uni Cross, Tri Uni Triangle

3 Hits

Recit's unique move. My partner here can even slice a mountain into two!

Everything's Mine

Tri Uni Cross, Tri Uni Cross, Tri Uni Cross, Tri Uni Cross, Tri Uni Cross, Tri Uni Square

5 Hits

Recit's unique move. Anyone who messes with my collection ain't walkin' away.

Special Abilities

Collecting Habit

HIT will always increase.

Passionate Soul

You'll always be resistant to abnormal status effects.

Treasure Reveal

As your HP falls, your ATK, DEF, INT, and RES will increase.

Air Master

In the afternoon, fire elemental damage will increase, as will your critical hit ratio.

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