Available During: Chapter 1 (Both Routes)


A large library with a lot of books collecting dust. This is the entrance.

Parent Dungeon: Nether-Library

Monster Level: 2

Managraphic: Moon Gazing

Vending Machine: Yes

Hidden Treasure: Old DDG Piece


Story Boss: Rizelea & Lucius (Kanata's Route Ch. 1), Kanata & Tsubaki (Rizelea's Route Ch. 1)

Lurker: None

Hunting Point Items: None

Gravity Core Items:


Ghost, Imp, Imp (Eye), Orc, Skeleton, Tania

Floor Treasures

Accounting Log, Blank Notebook, Contract, Crystal, Dead Bones, Fang of Oath, Imp's Horn, N-Travel Log, Silver Ore, Spell Book, Thick Dictionary, Thread of Light, Unknown Herb, White Stone Cube

Treasure Chests

Contract, Cure Grass, Dead Bones, Grass, Imp's Horn, Regien Ore, Unknown Herb, White Stone Cube

Rare Items (Drift Only)

Blank Notebook, Kung-Fu Mastery, Memory of Light, Monster Soul, Notary's Notes

Escape Reward: Kani Miso x3, Small Fang x1, Dragon Wing x1, 2000 G

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