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Adding Mizuki to your Party

Beware: Necessary events begin on chapter 4. Proceeding to chapter 5 before the necessary steps are taken means you will not acquire Mizuki until the next playthrough. Creating a separate save file at the start of chapter 4 is recommended for safety.

In Chapter 4, keep following the events, if you run out you either have an event dungeon to do or nothing, if nothing, rest at the inn for 2 days and continue doing events that way. Then, during Chapter 5, do an event where everyone gets tickets to a beach, then do the event at the beach, defeat her and she'll join.

Recruit event: Complete Chapter 4 Events --> Convenient Setup --> Mizuki's 'mizugi' --> My...Sister?

Joins at: Chapter 5+ Kanata's Route, Chapter 5+ Rizelea's Route

Personal Info

Move AP Cost

Tri Uni Cross.png 8 AP

Tri Uni Square.png 8 AP

Tri Uni Triangle.png 12 AP

EX Skill

Meteor Swarm

112 Hits

A secret move passed from generation to generation. This kunoichi move summons a meteor storm and attacks the enemy.

Special Attacks

Brick Steps

Tri Uni Triangle.png, Tri Uni Cross.png, Tri Uni Triangle.png, Tri Uni Square.png

7 Hits

Mizuki's unique move. Idol choreography and kunoichi techniques team up!

Attractive Dance

Tri Uni Square.png, Tri Uni Triangle.png, Tri Uni Triangle.png, Tri Uni Cross.png, Tri Uni Triangle.png

6 Hits

Mizuki's unique move. Lures the enemy into a dreamy world with her charming dance, then strikes consecutively.

Coquettish Shot

Tri Uni Cross.png, Tri Uni Cross.png, Tri Uni Cross.png, Tri Uni Square.png, Tri Uni Square.png, Tri Uni Triangle.png

18 Hits

Mizuki's unique move. The master move of the Super Assassin Idol.

Special Abilities

Killer Technique

At night, SPD and HIT will increase.

Likes Attention

The Image Gauge will always fill easier.

Cute Pose

In the evening, your critical ratio will increase. Also, all attack damage will be amplified.

Super Idol

LUK will always increase.