Joins at: Chapter 11 Kanata's Route, Chapter 1 Rizelea's Route

Personal Info

A Dark Hero who's dream is to usurp the throne of the Netheruniverse. He used to be a hero of light but one single incident turned him into a fallen dark hero. In the beginning of the game, he is forced to become Rizelea's assistant in exchange for his freedom. He often plots to escape from Rizelea's labour work, which often fails after Violet and Flonne joined her cause. He gets sick of Violet's cooking as it always has carrot. As for Flonne, they usually have rather antagonistic relationship mostly involving references from Final Fantasy 4. Mainly she wants him to become a Hero of Light. In fact, in Kanata's storyline, after Rizelea's group join forces with Kanata's group, he told Kanata that it's his responsibility to protect the land and Flonne thinks he has changed class from Dark Hero to Hero of Light. He went crazy and replied to her "Next time you'll say we need to fight some boss on a moon!" another practice is in a preview event called "the Legend of Lucius" where he plays as the hero and kanata plays as the villain. at first, it appears Lucius enjoys playing the "Hero of light" role but as soon as Floone spoke of the next episode "the Epic of Hero of light Lucius" and at the end, Lucius developed schizophrenia dued to the polar opposite personallities between real life and the preview they were doing.

Move AP Cost

Tri Uni Cross 8 AP

Tri Uni Square 10 AP

Tri Uni Triangle 12 AP

EX Skill

Super Lucius GO!

54 Hits

I'm the strongest coolest paragon of anti-heroism, the Dark Hero Lucius!

Special Attacks

Save Face Attack

Tri Uni Triangle, Tri Uni Triangle, Tri Uni Cross, Tri Uni Square

10 Hits

Lucius' unique move. Failure is not an option! I'll squash my humiliations!

Dark Inferno

Tri Uni Cross, Tri Uni Triangle, Tri Uni Triangle, Tri Uni Cross, Tri Uni Cross

12 Hits

Lucius' unique move. A collaboration of swords and magic. You can enjoy seeing it once, but then you'll be dead.

Dim Lightning Hit

Tri Uni Triangle, Tri Uni Square, Tri Uni Cross, Tri Uni Cross, Tri Uni Cross, Tri Uni Triangle

21 Hits

Lucius' unique move. How cool, huh? Haaah-hahahahaha!

Special Abilities


Rush attacks will be always strengthened.

Cool Pose

As your HP decreases, your critical hit ratio will rise.

Dark Aura

At night, the probability of inflicting status abnormalities except instant death, will rise.

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