Trinity Universe (PS3) Wiki


Demon God King Castle's training grounds. A place to enhance magical powers.

Parent Dungeon: Yoma King Castle

Monster Level: 55

Managraphic: Forest

Vending Machine: Yes

Hidden Treasure: Grudge

Boss: Merman

Story Boss:

Lurker: Nether-Librarian

Hunting Point Items: Volcanic

Gravity Core Items:


Dryad, Electrical Tail, Garuda, Poltergeist, Sea Serpent

Floor Treasures

Caged Fangstone, Dark Vessel, Devilish Steel, Imp's Wing, Light Vessel, Magnet, Scrap of Legend, Ultra Carrot, Wailing Lump

Treasure Chests

Dark Vessel, EMT Set, Evility Mirror, Imp's Wing, Light Vessel, Poisonous Pollen, White Light Rock

Rare Items (Drift Only)