Demon God King Castle's training grounds. It's behind the castle proper, actually.

Parent Dungeon: Yoma King Castle

Monster Level: 21

Managraphic: Vending Machine

Vending Machine: Yes

Hidden Treasure: Diamond Skull

Boss: War's Worm

Story Boss:

Lurker: Tough Teacher (Green)

Hunting Point Items: Cursed Star, Empathy, Resuscitation

Gravity Core Items:


Fenrir, Giant Rabbit, Gremlin, Killer Bee, Mandrake, Seasoned Orc, Shadow Fenrir, Tyrant

Floor Treasures

Arm of Odin, Caged Fangstone, Color Palette, Devilish Steel, Elysium Cape, Ether Blood, Foxfire Flame, Galactic Ore, Phantom Coin, Poisonous Petal, Rusty Gear, Scrap of Legend, Selenian Ore, Sting Mushroom, Ultra Carrot

Treasure Chests

Abrasive Iron, Arm of Odin, Calculator, EMT Set, Ether Blood, Phantom Coin

Rare Items (Drift Only)

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