Trinity Universe (PS3) Wiki


Demon God King Castle's training grounds. Rumors exist of a legendary sword here.

Parent Dungeon: Yoma King Castle

Monster Level: 5

Managraphic: Stuffed Animal

Vending Machine: Yes

Hidden Treasure: Giant Blade

Boss: Squidian

Story Boss: Recit (Chapter 3 Only Event)

Lurker: None

Hunting Point Items: Blind, Constrict, Starlight

Gravity Core Items:


Bat, Fenrir, Gyuki, Imp, Jaki, Killer Rabbit, Lindworm, Weeping Grass, Wyvern

Floor Treasures

Caged Fangstone, Color Palette, Cowry Shell, Crab Shell, Crystal, Elysium Cape, Fluffy Pom-pom, Fortune Coin, Galactic Ore, Imp's Horn, Laughing Stone, Meteorite Ore, Nevermelting Ice, Scrap of Legend, Ultra Carrot

Treasure Chests

Amethyst Bead, Poison Needle, EMT Set, Grass

Rare Items (Drift Only)