Joins at: Chapter 1 Kanata's Route, Chapter 11 Rizelea's Route

Personal Info

Kanata is one of the main characters of Trinity Universe. He was the Demon God King, son of Lord Shuten, until his servant Tsubaki helped him escape the ceremony for becoming the Demon God Gem and protecting Empyria from drifting objects colliding into it. Because of the failed ceremony, he was turned into the Demon Dog King and given dog-like features. He has an insatiable lust for adventuring, especially regarding drifting objects. He cares about his homeland, and is even willing to combat every drifting object that comes towards it to save it and escape becoming a Demon God Gem.

Kanata's personality is rather naive and prone to believing almost anything anyone says. For this reason, Tsubaki, and later Etna, tend to have fun with him by making up stories. He is also quite kind and compassionate, and doesn't use his status as the son of Lord Shuten as an excuse to act selfish or irresponsible. He cares for all of his friends and allies, and wishes to only enjoy life like any normal person would. Despite their initial rivalry with one another, Kanata evens extends the hand of friendship to Rizelea.

Move AP Cost

Tri Uni Cross 10 AP

Tri Uni Square 8 AP

Tri Uni Triangle 12 AP

EX Skill

DDK Dark Flight

72 Hits

Kanata's unique attack move. Bind the enemy with the Demon King's aura and assault the enemy. The final strike could even destroy a star!

Special Attacks

DDK Swift Sword

Tri Uni Square, Tri Uni Square, Tri Uni Cross, Tri Uni Square

8 Hits

Kanata's unique attack move. The magic cast on his blade makes the lightning quick attack all the more impressive.

DDK Brazen Rush

Tri Uni Square, Tri Uni Square, Tri Uni Square, Tri Uni Cross, Tri Uni Cross

5 Hits

Kanata's unique attack move. His carefree motions may confuse the enemy, allowing him to attack them off-guard.

DDK Zan-tetsu

Tri Uni Triangle, Tri Uni Cross, Tri Uni Square, Tri Uni Square, Tri Uni Square, Tri Uni Square

11 Hit

Kanata's unique attack move. He was way too excited about adventure and put this name on the list.

Special Abilities

Adventurous Mind

ATK always increases.


Critical hit ratio will always increase

Demonic Dignity

When your HP is at maximum, your ATK and DEF will increase and resist abnormal status effects.

Magic Release

When near death, ATK, DEF, and RES will increase.

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