A grand structure in the floating garden. Very rare items sometimes drift here.


Holy Crystal, Holy Light Stone, Life Wood, Morning Star, Sky Shard, Night Sky Shard, TV Mana, etc.

Parent Dungeon: Acropolis Garden

Monster Level: 86


Vending Machine: Yes

Hidden Treasure: Kanata's Bonsai

Boss: Unico Dolphine

Story Boss:

Lurker: Death Grips (L4)

Hunting Point Items: Constrict

Gravity Core Items: Life Stone, Beta Code


Rock Worm, Commander Orc, Kuyutha, Army Bee, Berserker Bunny, Vile Dragon, Vorpal (Orange)

Floor Treasures

Morning Star, Platinum Bar, Heavenly Shard, Imperial Gem, Holy Light Stone, Wood of Life

Treasure Chests

Copper Ore, Mega Soul, Morning Star, Holy Crystal, Giga Soul

Rare Items (Drift Only)

Life Vessel, Offeratory Orb, Sunrise, TV Set Mana, Life Vessel

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