★★★Event Dungeon★★★

Monster Level: 82

A place rumored as the fairy queen's own creation where fairies come to dance.


Holy Crystal, Holy Light Stone, Life Wood, Morning Star, Sky Shard, Night Skiy Shard, etc.

Parent Dungeon: Hanging Garden

Monster Level: 82

Managraphic: IM Celestia

Vending Machine:

Hidden Treasure: Sunrise


Story Boss: Dragon Lord


Hunting Point Items: Illusion

Gravity Core Items:


Berserker Bunny, Commander Orc, Pandourar, Army Bee, Arch Lindworm, Vorpal (Orange), Vorpal (Purple)

Floor Treasures

Beast Fluid, Platinum Bar, Scale of Seiryu, Glowing Stone, Sleepy Flower, Wood of Life, Morning Dewdrop, Valkyrie Herb, Holy Light Stone, Heavenly Shard, Night Sky Shard, Wajet's Skin, Imperial Gem

Treasure Chests

Relief Herb, Cure Herb, Meteorite Idol, Morning Star, Holy Crystal, Heavenly Shard

Rare Items (Drift Only)

Monster Soul

Escape Bonus: Venom Needles x5, Divine Vase x3, Giant's Heart x3, 3000 G