Parent Dungeon: Yoma King Castle

Monster Level:

Managraphic: None

Vending Machine:

Hidden Treasure: None

Boss: Vile Shin Dragon

Story Boss:


Hunting Point Items:

Gravity Core Items:


Floor Treasures

Meteorite Idol, Healing Plant, Comet Lantern, Planet Star, Spike Guard, Drifting Stone, Universe Mystery, Bottomless Bag

Treasure Chests

Heroine Soul, Lonely Soul, Valkyrie Soul+

Rare Items (Drift Only)

Note: There are no random encounters in this dungeon. The only enemy is found inside the Hunting Spot at the end of the hall.

Note: The Treasure Chest's loot table and the Boss table are both from the Hunting Point; no treasure chests spawn in this dungeon.

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