Parent Dungeon: Yoma King Castle

Monster Level: Formidable

Managraphic: None

Vending Machine:

Hidden Treasure: None

Boss: Gremlin Lord

Story Boss:


Hunting Point Items:

Gravity Core Items:


Floor Treasures

Comet Lantern, Silver Bar, Meteorite Idol, Dyna Steel, Jade, Red Devillion, Healing Plant, Wheel of Truth, Valkyrie Herb, Fire Stone, Demonicopper, Holy Dark Seal, Blood Ruby, Origin Fossil

Treasure Chests

Samurai Soul, Lonely Soul, Heroine Soul

Rare Items (Drift Only)

Note: There are no random encounters in this dungeon. The only enemy is found inside the Hunting Spot at the end of the hall.

Note: The Treasure Chest's loot table and the Boss table are both from the Hunting Point; no treasure chests spawn in this dungeon.

Note: This dungeon uses the "Ruins" theme.

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