Character EvolutionEdit

All characters start out with two Ability slots, no Potentialities, and one Special Attack available. As their level progresses, they will unlock their skill set. All characters evolve at the same rate:

Character Level Battle Voice Level Abilities Potentialities Skills
1 1 2 0 1
10 2 2 1 1
30 3 3 2 2
50 4 4 2 2
70 4 4 3 3
100 5 4 4 3
999 (max) 5 4 4 3

Universe RankEdit

Universe Rank levels up as you gain more ranking points.

Universe Rank Points Required
17 100,000
18 125,000
23 250,000
24 300,000
25 400,000
26 500,000

Search LevelEdit

Search level increases as you search Tri Uni Squarein dungeons.

Search Level Search Uses

Searches required

(From last level)

1 10 0
2 13 16
3 16 19
4 19 22
5 22
6 25
7 28
8 31
9 34
37 1


Abilites are used in combat by pressing the circle (O) button. Holding the button charges the gauge allowing usage of higher level abilites. Abilites can be equiped in the character menu.

This will be a list of abilites and their effects. Extra abilities are obtained by clearing the hunting spot in any dungeon. Anyone with more information can add to this list.

1 Cure: Star HP Healing (Self) The magic energy from a shooting star restores HP.
1 Cure: Space HP Healing (Party) A healing aura surrounds the party, restoring a little HP.
1 Refreshment Clears bad status Heals abnormal status.
1 Starlight ATK accuracy varies A star's light flashes and blinds enemies, lowering their accuracy.
1 Comet Toss Varies evasion A comet smacks the enemy, lowering their evasion
1 Escape Run Allows escape from battle.
1 Use Item Use Item Allows the use of items.
1 Mana Release Geo-field Activates Call upon the mana underfoot, executing the local geographic effect.
1 Get Aggressive! Changes status ATK is increased and defense is lowered slightly.
1 Be Passive! Changes status Focus on protection, raising DEF and lowering ATK slightly.
1 Egg 'em on! Changes status Be an egghead, enhancing INT and lowering RES slightly.
1 Speedstar Chances status Become speedy, raising HIT and SPD slightly.
2 Cure: Comet HP Healing (Self) A comet's power restores a large amount of HP.
2 Cure: Galaxy HP Healing (Party) A galaxy's power heals the party's HP by a moderate amount.
2 Shooting Star Varies evasion A speeding comet smacks the enemy, greatly lowering their evasion.
2 Third Eye ATK accuracy varies Helps ensure your accuracy is absolute.
2 Illusion Varies evasion Making false images aids in evading enemy attacks.
2 Hot-Headed Element ATK Up Fire attack power increases.
2 Cold-Hearted Element ATK Up Water attack power increases.
2 Air-Headed Element ATK Up Wind attack power increases.
2 Thunder-Thighs Element ATK Up Thunder attack power increases.
2 Down-to-Earth Element ATK Up Earth attack power increases.
2 Light-Hearted Element ATK Up Light attack power increases.
2 Dark-Hearted Element ATK Up Dark attack power increases.
2 Fire Douser Element DEF Up Fire resistance increases.
2 Ice Melter Element DEF Up Water resistance increases.
2 Breeze Stopper Element DEF Up Wind resistance increases.
2 Lightning Insulator Element DEF Up Thunder resistance increases.
2 Ground Reinforcer Element DEF Up Earth resistance increases.
2 Light Reducer Element DEF Up Light resistance increases.
2 Dark Minimizer Element DEF Up Dark resistance increases.
2 Constrict Changes status Lowers enemy ATK.
2 Dent Changes status Lowers enemy DEF.
2 Sealing Changes status Lowers enemy INT.
2 Magic Allergy Changes status Lowers enemy RES.
2 Gettin' Heavy! Changes status Lowers enemy SPD.
2 Blind Changes status Lowers enemy HIT.
2 Cursed Star Changes status Lowers enemy LUK.
2 Panther March Changes status An upbeat procession raises ATK and DEF.
2 Amplification Changes status Increases both INT and RES.
2 Speedstar II Changes status So fast, both SPD and HIT increase.
2 Pilfer Steal With sleight of hand, you may steal items from the enemy.
2 Venomous Coating Bad Status Added Gives your attack a chance to poison enemies.
2 Stungun Bad Status Added May shock and paralyze enemies with your attack.
2 Inky Coating Bad Status Added Black ink on your weapon may blind the enemy.
3 Cure: Moon HP Healing (Self) A moon's calming light heals a ton of HP.
3 Cure: Cosmos HP Healing (Party) The splendor of the cosmos provides great HP healing for all.
3 Relaxation Clears bad status Relaxes and heals abnormal status.
3 Volcanic Changes status What a temper! Increases ATK, but slightly decreases DEF and RES.
3 Oceanic Changes status How mystical! Increases INT, but slightly decreases DEF and RES.
3 Lava Waves Changes status Hot and mystical! Increases ATK and INT, but slightly decreases DEF and RES.
3 Ironclad Changes status Fortifies and enhances DEF.
3 Empathy Changes status Increase DEf and RES slightly.
3 Drowsy Coating Bad Status Added Your attack may cause the enemy to sleep.
3 Snatch Steal Ripping items from an enemy's hands may also lower its ATK.
3 Resuscitation Revive Bring an ally back from the brink with very little HP.
4 Cure: Planet HP Healing (Self) The power of a planet fully restores HP.
4 Cure: Universe HP Healing (Party) The universe restores tons of HP for all.
4 Distortion Element DEF Up Distorts reality, softening damage from all elemental attacks.
4 Overdrive Element ATK Up With perfectly tuned energy, increases the power of all elemental attacks.
4 Void Bad Status Added May instantly kill an opponent with your attack.
4 Rip-off Steal Dizzy the enemy with your movements, stealing items and lowering the enemy's DEF and RES
4 Resurrection Revive Bring an ally back from the brink with some HP.
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