"A shop dealing with all types of images. Its inventory changes every day. [On Sale] EMT, Sun, Winter, Uni, Horror Trip, Rain *Anchors imported during lunch time."

Special Item Sales?: Inventory changes daily, with an IM for sale each night. Anchors avalible at Noon.

Discount Days/Times: None.

Home Object:


Name Price Sold on Discount Price Stock No.
Ordinary Kotodama 300 G
Safety Code 1,500 G


Name Price Sold on Discount Price Stock No.
Grass 300 G
Cure Grass 1,000 G
Cure Herb 5,000 G
Healing Plant 150 G
Refresh Herb 800 G
Anchor 30,000 G Noon
SFX Mana 300 G Sunday 10
Topknot Mana 300 G Mon & Wed 10*
Sushi Roll Mana 300 G Tuesday 10
Sun Mana 300 G Thursday 10
Cursed Mana 300 G Friday 10
Vending Mana 300 G Saturday 10
IM Sun 350,000 G Sun Night 1
IM EMT 350,000 G Mon Night 1
IM Uni 350,000 G Tue Night 1
IM Rain Pattern 350,000 G Wed Night 1
IM Moe Blob 350,000 G Thu Night 1
IM Curse 350,000 G Fri Night 1
IM Winter 350,000 G Sat Night 1

  • There seems to be a bug where buying Topknot Mana on Monday does not count against the Limited Stock, and thus you can buy an infinite ammount in quantities of 10.
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