Available During: Chapter 2 (Kanata's Route)


A sacred place constructed eons ago. This is just the entrance.

Parent Dungeon: Ancient Pantheon

Monster Level: 3

Managraphic: Phoenix

Vending Machine: None

Hidden Treasure: Fang of Oath


Story Boss: Prinnies (Kanata's Route Ch. 2), Prinnies 2nd Encounter (Kanata's Route Ch. 2), Etna & Prinny (Kanata's Route Ch. 2)

Lurker: None

Hunting Point Items: Cure: Space, Drowsy Coating, Venomous Coating

Gravity Core Items:


Imp, Imp (Eye), Killer Rabbit, Lindworm, Orc, Skeleton, Weeping Grass

Floor Treasures

Accounting Log, Amethyst Bead, Cocular Xenolith, Cryolite, Fortune Coin, Iron Chain, Lachrymal Stone, N-Travel Log, Opal Shard, Poison Needle, Regien Ore, Ruin Slab, Silver Ore, Unknown Herb, White Stone Cube

Treasure Chests

Cocular Xenolith, Contract, Monster Soul

Rare Items (Drift Only)

Flammarite, Melting Crystal, Monster Soul, Mysterious Opal

Escape Reward: Mermaid Scale x2, Sharp Horn x2, Exorcism Charm x2, 3000 G

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