This is a page to list all of the different enemy types. Monsters will be broken down by type--normal random encounter enemies, lurkers, and bosses will each have a subsection on this page. The normal foes will be organized into a table, with each row containing an enemy "family" those that share the same general model, but with different names, coloration, and levels. Each enemy will have its own page with a list of locations found, possible drops, and any info I have about weaknesses. They'll all use the Template for Enemies. I've created a few sample pages so people have an idea of what I'm talking about and can add on their own. Check the Discussion page for this article for more info and to leave messages/questions concerning it.

Normal FoesEdit

Family Type 1 Type 2 Type 3 Type 4 Type 5 Type 6 Type 7
Bats Bat Vampire Bat Sea Bat Lesser Bat Killer Bat
Bee Hornet Killer Bee Death Hornet Army Bee Devilish Bee
Rabbits Killer Rabbit Giant Rabbit Berserker Bunny
Serpent Serpent Sea Serpent Earth Serpent Cosmos Serpent
Cobra Viper Tsuchinoko Dark Cobra
Mouse Peek-at-you Mouse Electrical Tail Electric Boy Electric Ferret
Crab Iron Scissors King Crab Hammer Crab Devil Cancer Demonic Crab
Crawfish/Lobster Giant Crawfish Knight Crawfish Palm Lobster Slapping Lobster Shogun Lobster
Sahuagin Sahuagin Remora Capricorn Sahuagin King
Golem Golem Steel Golem Magitek Soldier Master Golem
Construct Tyrant
Orc Orc Seasoned Orc Commander Orc
Giant Yeti Jaki
Beastmen Orthrus Cerberus Diablos
Minotaur Gyuki Minotaur Gorbash Ubelluris Kuyutha
Mini-mech Automatic Cannon Wave Cannon Particle Cannon
Big Mech Gunner Dragoon PD-E1000 PT-00X-ZL
Plant Weeping Grass Mandrake Mandragora Demon Vine
Earth Spirit Kodama Alraune Dryad Cybele
Giant Wolf Hot Dog Fenrir Shadow Fenrir Behemoth
Mimic Pandour Pandourar Esperandour
Ghosts Ghost Poltergeist
Lady Ghosts Tania Benia Taneer Banshee Bensi
Skeletons Skeleton Fighting Bones Bone Crusader
Eyeball Imp (Eye) Big Eye Devil's Pupil Revenant
Mini demon/Gremlin Imp Gremlin Lesser Devil
Flying Devil Demon Arch Demon Demon Lord Thanatos
Balloons Vorpal (Green) Vorpal (Blue) Vorpal (Purple) Vorpal (Orange)
Giant Bird Roc Garuda Oni Cockatrice Ahriman
Lindworm Lindworm Gorbash Arch Lindworm
Ground Dragon Ring Dragon Vile Dragon Fafnir
Standing Dragon Wyvern Dragon Mist Dragon
Tail-up Dragon Aqua Dragon Fire Dragon Shining Dragon Shadow Dragon God Dragon
Worm Grill Worm Sand Worm Terrain Worm Rock Worm


Lurkers are those dark clouds that chase you around when you stay in a dungeon too long. Yoma King Castle Lurkers are different from drifting dungeon lurkers even if they are named the same. Drifting dungeons usually have 4 floors, with a 5th floor sometimes if you have DLC. I am naming Lurkers in drifting dungeon with (their name) (L1 to L4) since they drop different things.

Xplorer30 12:16, November 25, 2010 (UTC)

Dungeon Type Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4
Library Nether-Librarian (L1) Nether-Librarian (L2) Nether-Librarian (L3) Nether-Librarian (L4)
Ruins Kotodama (L1) Kotodama (L2) Kotodama (L3) Kotodama (L4)
Ghost Ship Spillcraft (L1) Spillcraft (L2) Spillcraft (L3) Spillcraft (L4)
Pirate Ship Pirate King (L1) Pirate King (L2) Pirate King (L3) Pirate King (L4)
Fantasy Garden Death Grips (L1) Death Grips (L2) Death Grips (L3) Death Grips (L4)
Spaceship Ship Guardian (L1) Ship Guardian (L2) Ship Guardian (L3) Ship Guardian (L4)
High School Tough Teacher (L1) Tough Teacher (L2) Tough Teacher (L3) Tough Teacher (L4)
Castle (Postgame) Milfiore (L1) Milfiore (L2) Milfiore (L3) Milfiore (L4)
Drifting Space Deloit (L1) Deloit (L2) Deloit (L3) Deloit (L4)

Old List:

Tough Teacher (Green)


Death Grips

Pirate King



Great Bone

Ultra Serpent

Crab Majin

Domesticated Rabbit

Flash Mouse Ace


Bento Shrimp


Dark Valkyrie

Unico Dolphine

Aegis Dragon

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