Destroying the core Edit

When you destroy the gravity core of a dungeon and escape, the dungeon will drift away, with or without you.

Rewards for destroying the gravity core:

  • Equipment from chest generated after destroying the gravity core.
  • Rare materials (items with gold aura) spawn in the dungeon.
  • "The Space Cleaner" trophy requires to destroy 10 gravity core.
  • "The Space Scrubber" trophy requires to destroy 50 gravity core.
  • "Space Activists" trophy requires to destroy 100 gravity core.

Escaping the dungeon Edit

Additional rewards if you manage to escape from the dungeon:

  • Modifier for Evaluation Points +2% per remaining second

Failing to escape and drift with a dungeon Edit

Penalties for failing to escape:

  • You lose 30% of your Money. So it's better to invest all your money into Crystal Codes (12,000G in shop) before doing this.
  • Modifier for Evaluation Points -25%

Rewards for failing to escape:

  • "Space Tourists" trophy requires to fail to escape 50 times.
  • When you fail to exit, you end up in outer space.

Outer space Edit

  • You can stay up to 11 days in outer space.
  • After the 11th day ends, if you didn't get in the last UFO, you lose around 43 to 59% of your remaining Money and end up in town.
  • 11th day is always an UFO.
  • Each day, one of 4 events can happen, randomly:
  1. A random drifting shop visits you.
  2. You get a random item.
  3. Nothing happens.
  4. An UFO visits you.
    1. Don't do anything. (The day ends)
    2. Bribe them. (pay to end up in town. 10,000G minimum. It costs 10,000G if Money≤50,000G, 25 to 40% if Money>50,000G)
    3. Hijack the UFO. (a fight occurs, if you win you end up in town for free)

UFO Monsters fight (type of monster might be affected by universe rank or characters levels):

Possible random items:

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