Morning Egg

Cockatrice Wing

Sharp Horn

Giant's Heart

Cursed Vestige

Dragon Wing

Dragon Claw

Sleepy Flower

Iron Sheet

Beast Fluid

Devil's Tail

Thunder Stone

Cowry Shell

Ocean Orb


Wood Spirit Soul

Yggdrasil Bark

Black Box

Poisonous Pollen

Small Fang

Wing Amulet

Mysterious Box

Imp's Wing


Eye of Seiryu


Gloom Seal

Magic Crystal

Dyna Steel

Giant Blade

Deadly Spiral

Shining Red

Spirit Talisman

Sacred Wood Seal

Abrasive Iron

Far East Epistle

Genesis Blade

Fortune Coin

Hammer of Fury

Scapegoat Gem


Fettered Chain

Steel Wheel

Deceased Whisper

Dark Cloth

Light Cloth

Cursed Wedge

Death's Murmur


Heat Seeker

Dark Bullet

Silent Fury

Big Bullet

Burning Red

Iron Chain

Turtle Shell

Requiem Bell

Eagle Wing

War Memories

Dark Vessel

Light Vessel

Black Soul

Divine Insignia

Revolving Body

Nirvana Serenity

Brilliant Book

Soul of the King

Mother's Tears

Auto Matter

Sorcerous Core


Cocular Xenolith

Memory of Light

Fairies' Elixir

Wailing Lump

Hard Shell

One Ton Claw

Spiky Shell

Tough Crab Shell



Serpent Slough

Seed of Hope

Vorpal's Liver

Earth-Water Orb

Numbing Needle

Kettle Unirice

Purifying Smoke

Bizarre Panacea

Gravity Smoke

Illusion Strap

Black Chalk

Tricky Eraser

Almighty Key

Cursed Notebook

Comet Lantern

Soothing Box

Fate Calender

Divine Touch

V Mark

Piece of Tension

Prime Iron

Speed Gear Beta

Noble Mannerisms

Ruin Slab

Opal Shard

Mysterious Opal

Diamond Skull

Mystical Water

Origin Fossil


God's Feather

Demonic Feather

Thick Dictionary

Mystery Journal

Magic Bookmark

Arcane Scroll

Living Book

Magic Grimoire

Chrono Grimoire

N-Travel Log

Blood Gem Sword

Jolly Roger

Screaming Lump

Cursed Journal

Regretful Soul

Unlucky Mail

Contract Stone

Atoning Words

Cursed Statue

Exorcism Charm (2)


Rainbow Drop

Spirit Crystal

Hatred Gem

Laughing Doll

Ghost Doll

3D Board

Super OS

Booster Unit

Cosmic Iron

Galaxy Board

Tabi Socks

Elegant Ornament

Kanata's Diary

Prickly Mushroom

Eternal Soul

Tsubaki's Diary

Crimson Lantern

Topknot Vase

Empyrian Scroll

Empyrian Seed

Porcelain Plate

Meteorite Ore

Laughing Stone

Sting Mushroom

Selenian Ore

Galactic Ore

Scrap of Legend

Elysium Cape

Magical Rock

Hard Meteor Chip

Big Meteor Piece

Psychic Bomb

Esper Glasses

Idol Day Planner

DDK Self-shot

DDK Quote Book

Planet Shoes

Supernova Fan

Unlove Letter

Left Gold Glove

Nether Park Pass

Voice Changer

Muscle Model

Wedding Dress

Wooden Sword

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