★★★Event Dungeon★★★

Monster Level: 6

A pirate ship traversing the universe. These corridors lead to the Captain's Quarters.


Cross Blade, Axe Blade, Tri-Spearhead, Viking Ale, Tri-Blade, Rusty Anchor, etc.

Parent Dungeon: Pirate Ship

Monster Level: 6

Managraphic: Ocean

Vending Machine: None

Hidden Treasure: Life Vessel


Story Boss: Gravitios, Flonne (Story Boss)


Hunting Point Items: Drowsy Coating

Gravity Core Items:


Gyuki, Killer Rabbit, Sahuagin, Iron Scissors, Lindworm

Floor Treasures

Jolly Roger, Tri-Blade, Rusty Anchor, Divine Tree Dew, Insect Flute, Ether Blood, Platinum Ore, Viking Ale, Axe Blade, Tri-Spearhead, Axe Blade

Treasure Chests

Ether Blood, Hunter Token, Grass, Rusty Anchor

Rare Items (Drift Only)

Viking Code, Giant Blade, Monster Soul

Escape Reward: Iron Sheet x1, Abrasive Iron x1, White Mineral x1, 3000G

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