Monster Level: 45

A viewing square in the floating garden's center. Rare items appear around here.


Ymir's Tears, Holy Drop, Divine Wings, Angel Blood, Breakfast Mana, Demon King Wings, Angelic Gift, Sunshine Mana, etc.

Parent Dungeon: Acropolis Garden

Monster Level: 45


Vending Machine: Yes

Hidden Treasure: Tacky T-Shirt

Boss: Astral Dragon

Story Boss:

Lurker: Death Grips (L3)

Hunting Point Items: Lava Waves

Gravity Core Items: Gorgeous Code


Vorpal (Purple), Steel Golem, Big Eye, Yeti, Roc, Pandour

Floor Treasures

Demonic Feather, Angel's Blood, Orichalcum Ore, Ymir's Tear, Sun Mana, Glowing Stone, Breakfast Mana

Treasure Chests

Holy Drop, Seed of Hope, Small Soul, Iron Gear

Rare Items (Drift Only)

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